We believe in the power of stories to inspire, uplift, enlighten and connect.

Folotrio produces high-quality journalism for enterprise, individuals, communities, publications and partnerships. We develop and launch narratives to grow great ideas, amplify amazing causes, tackle tough issues, and create personal connections. And we cover the beat other journalists don’t: brands.

Story Development

Story Development

We work with a variety of people and organizations to help identify story topics, strategies for sharing and plans for distribution.

Much like a magazine, we work with a production schedule and an editorial calendar. We research and develop context around story ideas, identify sources, engage stakeholders, evaluate outcome strategies and measures, and coordinate resources. And then, we write.

From concept to final copy,  we produce a body of top-quality storytelling work that can live on a variety of platforms – from features, to short-and-long-form journalism, to immersive stories.

Distribution Strategy 

It takes more than a great story to find an audience and engage a strong distribution strategy is key.

We present an entirely unique distribution strategy grounded in a deep understanding of the story and the audience. We don’t just aim for impressions or likes, we work to connect the story on a more personal level with the right people.

We leverage opportunities for multiple placement, distribute widely on social media, and work meticulously with our partners to ensure flawless integration across platforms and social channels.

Technology and Integration

If content is king and distribution strategy its royal adviser, integration is ruler of the universe.

It’s quite simple - and, of course, it’s not. A robust distribution strategy, which includes multiple placement usage and a 360-degree social media strategy, involves sharing across multiple websites, systems and applications. In order to share, system boundaries must be traversed and applications integrated - and that takes leading technologies and technical know-how.

Folotrio brings the best technology to the table to ensure seamless integration across systems and applications. We design and develop websites with a focus on user experience and optimum functionality. And, we help our partners design, build and integrate content management systems to maximize functionality for cross-media publishing.  

Teaching & Development

Co-founded by a university educator, Folotrio is committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with classrooms, high schools, colleges, community groups and associations.

We provide education and training on writing and reporting, creative strategy, immersive storytelling, social media, platform tools and web development. We help schools design curriculum. We offer teacher training  on tools, techniques and technologies.  And, we offer programs and experiences on a variety of topics for high-school and college-aged students.

Content Creation

From concept to final copy, we produce a body of top-quality storytelling work for web, social and mobile. We do it all, or whatever portion you need – from writing and copy editing, to video, photography and graphics.

Media Strategy & Distribution

We develop distribution strategies to connect the right audience to the project. This includes audience research and analysis, channel recommendations, media planning and buying, search optimization, PPC planning, measurement and reporting.

Top-Quality Journalism

We produce and publish independent, high-quality journalism in a variety of formats – features, short-and-long-form pieces, columns, spotlights, bios, profiles, immersive stories, narrative-driven video and shorts.

Web Development & Design

We design and develop content management systems that deliver the best user experience and optimum functionality. This is where the rubber meets the road.