Inspired to set an example for his younger brother, Devon Rodriguez doubled up on school and work to graduate in August from UF. He’s folotrio’s summer intern. And this is what he’s been up to.

Hometown & Current Stats

My name is Devon Rodriguez. I am from Wellington, Fl. That is in the South Florida region of West Palm Beach. I am an assistant content coordinator interning for Folotrio.

College journey

I started at the University of Florida in Fall 2015. I played for the UF Men’s Lacrosse Team for two years and was given the opportunity to travel to several different states representing UF. After some time, I wanted to focus on my professional development. I joined Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and worked on leadership roles to better the future men of the fraternity. I also got involved in AdSociety.

Work experience

I have worked at Ruffalo Noel Levitz, a professional fundraiser for the UF Foundation, for over two years. I also worked at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center for over a year. This was all while taking classes at the University of Florida. I am expected to graduate this August. I hope to work for an Ad Agency that centers around sports and entertainment media. Long term, I’d like to end up in New York City. I would be open to building experience anywhere as a media planner.

Three words

I would describe myself as adaptable, collaborative, and amicable.

Inspiring people

The person that inspires me the most is my brother, Justin. I am seven years older than he is and I know that he looks up to me. I work hard and try to do the best I can to set a good example for him. I am excited for the person he will turn into and I want him to be better than me. I just feel that I should set a floor for him so that his ceiling can be bigger.