At folotrio, we help businesses enhance visibility, increase connections and grow. We work as a technology consultant and business partner helping businesses develop practical plans, implement the right technology and move the metrics that matter to them most. 

From building e-commerce and mobile-friendly websites, to listing businesses, managing local search and implementing communication technology solutions, Folotrio helps our clients navigate the technical terrain and travel the road every step of the way. 

And we do story work. We craft creative content, write web copy and produce brand journalism for companies, causes and campaigns. We also write news releases and work with businesses on media coverage and mentions. 

And still, we do more. So read on to discover all the ways we can help. Or get in touch, so we can learn about you. We’ll help you streamline your ideas and figure the best way forward to achieve your goals. 


What We Do.

  • E-Commerce & Website Development

    We build SEO and mobile friendly websites with responsive interfaces that optimize performance and support user needs. We help clients with new design projects as well as redesigns to refresh their look. And we never shy from jumping in to help a client optimize performance, increase load times or resolve an integration issue.

    We also build or improve e-commerce sites. We work on projects that connect retailers with consumers all over the world. And we help our clients leverage the full power of some of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms – from selling gift cards, to generating coupon codes, to integrating blogging and email platforms, to processing credit card payments. We inspire and guide our clients every step of the way.

  • Marketing Optimization

    We help our clients select, access and manage the digital marketing and technology resources needed to connect and grow. We help clients with hosting services, SEO, paid and organic search, citation building and listings, Brand Verified Answers, content optimization, social media management and email marketing.

    We also help clients with customer experience and online review solutions that empower them with insights that fuel online marketing. This includes a fully managed service to request, monitor, respond to and display reviews on their website and star-ratings on their search results page.

    We work on a project basis or provide monthly ongoing support for a reasonable fee. 

  • Technology & Consulting

    We work as a technology consultant and business partner helping our clients develop practical plans, implement the right technology, and move the metrics that matter to them most. And we do this a lot of different ways.

    We help clients through organizational transformation, physical moves, automation, and technology integrations. We offer IT support on an ongoing monthly basis or by project to help with technical planning, implementations, integrations and troubleshooting. We help clients with computer setup, network setup and virus removal. And we travel the road with our clients every step of the way.

  • Content & Story Work

    From brand journalism to social media campaigns, website copy, newsletters and emails, we craft content in a variety of formats for a variety of clients and audiences.

    We produce a body of top-quality storytelling work that can live on a variety of platforms – from spotlights and profiles, to short-and-long-form journalism, to features and immersive stories. We help our clients leverage opportunities for multiple placement, distribute widely on social media, and work meticulously to ensure flawless integration across platforms and social channels.

We help good people doing good things share their story. It's that simple.

Kelly Kelly